Friday, December 5, 2008

One Beat Home

One Beat Home
c. 2005

I was back in our house last night, in a dream.

I thought I was done with that.

You asked, “What shade should we use in the front?”

We will make things fresh with paint.

Yes, we, the three of us need this house now.

I can see the steps from down the block,

and the rail which we will paint white.

What would my mom and dad think of this

new shade we pull on their dream?

Their dream house where the kids played in the shade

of the tree whose fruit would be plucked by birds in June.

And Dad would watch and scream at those birds

through the glass, from his chair, with his tea.

From a glass he drank tea, with a bowl of fruit

he left out for me, fruits of blue and green and red.

Which squish when you bite and turn your tongue dark in June.

And Mom on the porch in her suit for the sun

with a snack, and a book and her smile.

I thought I was all done with this,

but who can stop a dream?